Pricing Structure

Resin Flooring Cost per m2 So you want to know more about our pricing structure? So you want a new floor, but there are a couple of factors that make you a bit skeptical about making that final choice of which company you will choose to complete the job. One of your biggest worries is the Resin Flooring Cost per m2 factor right? So how do we at Prime Solutions Flooring Services set about costing a job? Well, there are several factors that we consider, all of which we take into account when striving to give you the very best Resin Flooring Cost per m2. We want to save you money and we want the job to be precisely right for your specific needs. Listed below are some of the factors we take into consideration when pricing a job, we will be consistent in looking to save you money during…


ResDev Deckmaster System February 6th 2018

Book Appointment ResDev DeckMaster System February 6, 2018 Lovely job completed by us at  Prime Solutions Flooring Services for Optimum Flooring Services Ltd. Started off grinding the floor before repairing and priming. Then we trowel applied the ResDev Deckmaster system | | General Enquiries: | Tenders: professionalism shines right through on this job, The Deckmaster System is laid to perfection here, zero blemished, lumps or bumps, we truely achieve an absolute perfect finish ever time we don't just say this we mean it, hence our motto; quality assured in every step. The 5 P's - Perfect Preparation Prevents Poor Performance - ResDev Deckmaster system. Here we are, the final finish, just look how uniform the Deckmaster System finish is here.We are masters of the craft, experts with the right tools after serious financial investment into the latest technologies. We shine through on our work which is why…


The new Innovatech high performance 32” 4-head planetary grinder.

Here at Prime Solutions Flooring Services we invest in state-of-the-art technology, that is what makes us a leading choice for your flooring needs. Although PSF Services are based in Nuneaton, we travel the length and breadth of the UK to complete all types of work, be it one off or contractual. Here we see the Predator P32NDX. It is the new high performance 32” 4-head planetary grinder designed and manufactured by Innovatech Products. We at Prime Solutions Flooring Services invest in this type of technology so you can be assured of reliability, stability, and fast production rates, lowering the costs of the job and the time taken to complete the job. The 4-head planetary system is designed by Innovatech  "to maximize stability and reduce vibration at operating speeds, ensuring a smooth and efficient grinding / polishing experience unlike no other" - info sourced from their website. They continue: "With the…


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